Inheritance - Malinda Lo

After reading Adaptation I knew I had to continue on with this series by Malinda Lo. I haven’t really read many alien books, so they are still a novelty to me but I think that this series is a great one. The writing style is easy to read and you are given the information you need, maybe not all right away but you get it eventually. I was once again hooked by the book right away and even though it had been awhile since I had read the first book, I picked it right back up. There is a bit of info dumping, but most of it I wanted and ate right up.


Inheritance  picks right back up where the first book left off. The world is still freaking out about the reveal that aliens do in fact exist and Reese and David’ lives are in chaos. They are followed by either cameras or special agents, normally both, everywhere. They have people trying to get them to agree to help them and spy on the aliens for them. They are blackmailed and their families threatened. Of course they have no choice but to help everyone and play double agents to keep their families safe. There are constant threats that are made towards them by the general population, which only gets worse when it gets out that Reese is a bisexual and had/has a relationship with Amber, an alien. Making Reese a bigger target than before as a “traitor to humanity”.


Basically there is a lot going on in this book. We get to learn a lot more about the Imrians and it’s all pretty neat. They have some dirty secrets of their own that are revealed. I believe this is the final book (only a two book series!) which kind of makes me sad because I want to see the Imrian’s world. I supposed I will have to check out Natural Selection, the novella from Amber’s PoV that has recently been released. Things are wrapped up fairly nicely, after a few incidents, like a kidnapping, and I didn’t really get bored at all while reading.


This series is a great YA, sci-fi and I will be checking out some of Lo’s other books because I really enjoyed this series. I love that she put in a bisexual love triangle, it’s really different from the normal love triangles and has a very unique outcome. So if you like aliens and are looking for a new sci fi, check out this series. It’s a nice short series that’s fun to read. Government conspiracies and all.