A Bite's Tale (A Furry Fable) - Veronica Blade What a great read! I was completely unable to put this book down, definitely a page turner. I happen to love twists on fairy tales, and this twist on Cinderella is no exception. Veronica Blade has written an amazing novella!The story is shown from both Remy and Cydney's POVs. The reader just can't help but feel bad for the two of them. they were great friends, completely in love, and then Cydney accidentally bites Remy and they are torn apart, Cydney not even knowing if her friend is still alive. Three years later and Cydney is sent back to live close to where she bit her love, and since then has never allowed herself to get close to anyone again for fear of losing control and hurting them. Then a ball comes up at the castle, the King is forcing the Prince to choose a bride. Cydney doesn't want to go, but all of the eligible girls who will be turning 18 in the next 6 months are being requested to attend, or in Cydney's case, forced. Cydney doesn't realise that Prince Remy is Jack, the boy she bit three years ago. Will they recognize each other at the ball? You'll just have to read to find out what happens.I found this to be a cute little love story that was extremely enjoyable to read. It's a nice mix in the paranormal world to have a werewolf and vampire falling for each other. I was a little sad when I finished the book, since it was over and would definitely recommend this book. It's a great, light read for a rainy day.