The Key of Kilenya (Kilenya Series) - Andrea Pearson I've just spent every spare moment in the last two days finishing this book. I'm not really sure what I think. I really, really liked the story, but there are so many questions that I had when I was finished reading. There is a second book so I'm going to assume the answers will be in that one. I hope they are.Other than being left with questions, which most books should leave you with a few anyways, if they are a series, I really enjoyed reading this book and it jumped right into the action. You follow Jacob as he recovers the Key and meets many new friends and gets past the many obstacles along the way. With nothing really to help him but the people he meets and the journal from the past he was given to read, he sets out and discovers hidden powers as well as himself.My favorite characters are Early and September, their personalities are great. The story is really great, and you definitely want to read more when you've finished. The world Andrea Pearson has created is amazing and a place that you just want to keep reading about. I'm looking forward to getting the second book and seeing if Jacob is able to rescue Aloren, I was sad to finish and not know what was going to be happening to her. All around, this is a great little read, and if you are looking for something fun, I would definitely recommend it.