Clockwork Prince - Cassandra Clare I loved this book so much, I was up until 1am finishing it last night, not the best idea for a mom with a baby that won't sleep through the night and decided 5:30 was a great time to get up this morning. I think what I liked the most about this book was how quickly things were happening, well they seemed quickly, even though the book is based over a two week period. There is a lot more action than in Clockwork Angel, and the beginning isn't as slow.The story actually progressed a lot in this book. Charlotte is challenged for the running of the Institute by Benedict Lightwood, which causes a lot of stress on those living in the institute. All Charlotte has to do to prove her herself to stay in charge is find Mortmain, without the help of the Clave. So everyone starts looking for clues as to his whereabouts. There are surprises for Will, as he tries to find away to fix his life. Tessa has a confrontation with Nate. There is a spy in the Institute. Sophie finds love. Charlotte and Henry have a heated discussion about their relationship. And it looks like we are going to get to know Cecily in the next book. So a lot happens and it's a book that is extremely hard to put down. When I wasn't reading, I was thinking about it, or when sleeping, I was dreaming about it. Needless to say, I'm definitely looking forward to reading Clockwork Princess, now it's just the wait that will kill me..Team Will or Team Jem? Poor naive Tessa, just can't see that they both love her until they both tell her, and then she has a huge predicament. I'm still Team Will. I know how things have ended up at the end of the book, but I still can't help but feel Tessa and Will are made for each other. I feel really bad for Will after learning why he's pushed everyone away. I do feel bad for Jem, since he is dying, but I don't feel Tessa loves him like she loves Will, I feel like there is a lot of pity on her part for him. Yes, she does have some feelings for him, she does love him, but she loves Will so much more. There is lots of making out in this book, every other chapter Tessa is kissing one of the boys. I guess I'll just have to see how Clockwork Princess fills out. I can't help but feel bad for everyone involved right now.