Immortal Prophecy (The Immortal Prophecy Saga #1) - Samantha  Adams,  Kay Fry I really liked the story in this book. It focuses on Alessandra as she learns she is a half immortal and her destiny is to kill an evil vampire named Vincent, who happens to be trying to kill her first. She struggles to come to terms with destiny and tries to change her life and refuses, at first, to accept it. She is a strong female character who won't let anyone push her around, something I really like. She wants to make her own life, but the outcome is already decided for her and once she can accept that, she can enjoy falling head over heals for her soulmate James. James and Ally are the perfect soulmates for each other and I look forward to seeing their relationship bloom.I found most of the book to be a page turner where I just couldn't wait to see what happened next, but there was a bit of a dry patch in the middle where there isn't really all that much going on. It's more focusing on the relationship between Ally and James, which is good, it was just a bit dry. All in all, I am looking forward to seeing what comes next in the series, the cliffhanger was really good.However, I would normally give a book like this a 4/5, since I really liked it, but I'll be going with a 3/5 because there's a few small issues that could be fixed. I believe this book needs another edit to fix a few minor issues. Sometimes it can be a little difficult to read. There's too little use of compound words, it wouldn't be so bad if it was just how one or two of the characters talked all the time, but it's not. There would be, in some cases, one character saying "it's" and then in the next sentence "it is" but there wouldn't be any emphasis on the "is". I think some of the wording could be fixed with a few more compound words, making for a smoother read. Sometimes I can see how there should be a bit of emphasis on the word, which should maybe be put into italics or something so the reader knows to put some emphasis there. Then there are other times where it seems a comma is missing, but that's easily fixed as well. If these little issues are fixed, I would be likely to give this book a 4/5 since the story is really good, it just needs a little polish.