Arthas: Rise of the Lich King (World of Warcraft, #6) - Christie Golden I've read quite a few of the Warcraft books. I'm a huge fan of the game World of Warcraft, so I enjoy getting to know more of the lore. I did enjoy reading this book, mostly because I enjoyed reading about the relationship between Artha and Jaina, and seeing Sylvanas' thoughts of what was happening. However, if I had known more detail about the lore, like my husband does, or had I played Warcraft 3, I might not of enjoyed it as much. This is because it's mostly filler, my husband read 20% of the book and I was still able to talk with him about it when I finished and he knew all the details, other than exact conversations, he knows when everything happens. But, that being said, since I didn't know all of the lore, I enjoyed this story.I've actually killed Arthas (who didn't in the end? :-P), so I enjoyed seeing how he became the Lich King, and how he justified his actions in Stratholm, and then later. He's definitely manipulated and used and really dislikes that his desitny has been laid out for him. I felt bad for Jaina, who loves Arthas, but can't bear to watch him become corrupted. And of course Sylvanas, what Arthas does to her is cruel, but she'll get back to him about that.I would recommend this book to those who don't know much about the lore from Warcraft 3, or those who want to read more about the Arthas/Jaina relationship. If you have the lore memorized, you might not enjoy this as much. Not my favorite Warcraft lore book, but I still liked it.