Matched  - Ally Condie I'm not sure where to start with this review. I loooooved this book!! There is just something about totalitarian governments that screams "read me". I don't understand it, but I apparently like reading about other peoples controlled lives, not that I would ever want that for our society. It must come from the fact that there is always a strong character who is rebelling. So I must enjoy a good rebel. Cassia is a very strong female lead and the book starts with her being matched to her possible future husband. She doesn't get to pick because the Society makes that decision based off the database, so they pick her best possible match. The Society makes pretty much every decision in a persons life. From who they marry, to what job they have, to how many kids they can have, even the activities that they will do in a day and the food that they'll eat. No one really has any choices to make since they're all made for them.So when Cassia sees Ky's face pop up, she is confused that there has been a mistake. She was told Xander is her match but the Society doesn't make mistakes.. or has it? Everything she has ever learned is about to be questioned. She is falling for Ky, and she isn't supposed to be, Ky isn't supposed to be matched at all, through no choice of his own. Cassia starts looking into how things are run, and once she starts that, all sorts of questions open up.I'm not sure that there really is much of a competition between Ky and Xander for Cassia's love, she does love them both, but her love for Xander pales in comparison to her love for Ky, even though she isn't supposed to be with him. I'm looking forward to reading Crossed to see how the relationships change.Matched is a very good read, a little slow to begin, but that is normally the case with the first book in a series, there is a lot of information that needs to be introduced. I definitely recommend to those of you who enjoy dystopians, it's a great read!For more reviews, go to Owl Read It