Divergent  - Veronica Roth I don't even know where to start on this one. This book was amazing! I started reading it and just could not put it down. It's almost 500 pages and I read it in less than 24 hours, which is pretty awesome considering I'm chasing a baby around all day. I am a little sad that it took me so long to get around to reading it, but then I'm not since Insurgent will be out soon! I can't wait now, I finally understand why everyone was raving about it. Veronica Roth is freaking amazing and I can't wait to see what else she comes up with! Seriously, if you were like me and haven't read this book yet, do it! You have to! If you are in anyway, shape or form a fan of dystopians, you HAVE to read this. If you don't know what a dystopian is, this is a great place to start! Alright, Divergent revolves around Beatrice (Tris) Prior as she decides which faction she will pick, ultimately picking Dauntless. Now, to be in Dauntless you have to have a lot of courage, something Tris thankfully has a lot of. She has to fight for a good rank during training, literally, she fights the other initiates as part of their training. She is smaller than all of the other initiates and has to do a lot to prove herself. The kicker, they find out AFTER chosing Dauntless that only the top 10 ranks, out of the 20 or so initiates, will become members of Dauntless, the rest will become factionless. Being factionless is not something anyone really wants. The story line is really good, there is a lot of action and butt kicking, with a bit of romance thrown in there too. I love the writing style of Roth and how quickly and easily the story seems to flow. It is definitely well written and I came to care deeply for Tris and Four, as well as Christina, Will and Al. There wasn't really any point in the story where I became bored and the book became an extension of my arm for the day that I was reading it. I had a really hard time putting it down! Tris is an awesome, kick butt character. She is fairly fearless and loves the acts of bravery that are presented before her. I don't think I have ever read a story where the protagonist changes so much. Tris starts out as a quiet, selfless Abnegation member who always put others first. She knows she doesn't really fit in and is nervous about leaving her family behind if she changes faction. Worried about hurting their feelings. Once in Dauntless, it takes awhile but she transforms into new kick butt personality. She has a lot to prove considering where she comes from, and nobody thinks she can look after herself, except Four. She is definitely a girl to keep an eye on. Four, our romantic intrest, is a little bit mysterious. Nobody knows a whole lot about him and he tends to keep to himself. He seems to take a lot of interest in Tris, giving her advice and saving her butt a few times. He starts out as an instructor, but could he become more to Tris? He seems to yell at her and push her harder than the other initiates, but Tris can't help but have her heart flutter when he touches her. Overall, this book is just AMAZING! Seriously! I cannot rave about it enough. I can't believe it was on my shelf for two months before I picked it up. Insurgent needs to come out now! This is definitely a book to buy to add to your collection and obviously, I'm recommending it! Go out and buy a copy! Read it!For more reviews, visit Owl Read It