The Last Princess - Galaxy Craze Yes, I know, another dystopian. I seem to be on a roll with these, but they are just so good. The Last Princess is not an exception, I really enjoyed reading it. It is really well written and fairly quickly paced. This was my first introduction to Galaxy Craze's writing and I couldn't be more pleased. Also, look at that cover! It's just so pretty, I love the colours and how the girl on the cover is mostly a silhouette. The Last Princess is a post-apocalyptic world. There was seventeen days of natural disasters that basically destroyed the earth. Now England is cut off from the rest of the world, if they even survived, and most of the remaining population is starving. The woods are dangerous, full of cannibalistic Roamers, and the New Guard travels from town to town, pillaging and recruiting, forcefully. Eliza and the rest of the royal family are doing alright, but food is even running out for them. Then they throw a ball and their father, the King, is murdered. Eliza manages to escape, but her siblings, Mary and Jamie, are captured and imprisoned. The story revolves around Eliza and her determination to get vengeance for her family by killing their parent's murderer. I thought Eliza was a very strong character. She grows and changes a lot from the beginning of the book. Though things seem hopeless at times, she manages to continue on her way and overcome her hardships. She goes from being a princess who has never known the sufferings of her people, such as starvation, to becoming a soldier and fighting for her families lives and the peoples freedom. There is a bit of romance in The Last Princess but not really that much. I like that it doesn't really focus on romance. Although, there is a bit of shocking news about the love interest, Wesley. Overall, The Last Princess is a great post-apocalyptic that seems fairly realistic. Since it's natural disasters that cause this world. So that is a somewhat scary thought. It's a quick read and I was barely able to put it down. Definitely one to add to your TBR. I highly recommend this if you are a dystopian fan.Thank you to Hatchette Book Group Canada for the review copy.For more reviews, visit Owl Read It