Frostbite - Richelle Mead Alright, so I ended up liking this one even MORE than the first book. Seriously, why didn't I read these sooner?? I can't believe I have seen them around for so long and never read them. This one moved even faster than the first for me and I could barely put it down. I started it immediately after finishing Vampire Academy. Just opened it right up and started it. There is a lot more bad stuff going on in Frostbite. The Strigoi have joined forces with humans, so while the daytime used to be safe, it's not any longer. The humans can break through the safety wards that are placed around buildings, so Dhampir and Moroi are being caught off guard and slaughtered. So to keep everyone safe, the school takes everyone on the annual trip to keep them all together. Safety in numbers right? So everyone is shipped off and all is happy. The biggest stress in Rose's life is her love life. She wants Dimitri so badly, yet can't have him. So she tries to distact herself with Mason, a fellow dhampir novice who is crazy about her. It works, sort of. The in walks Adrian, he's always there at the worst moment and has a way of making Rose and even Lissa look bad. There is just something about him that they can't stay away from. So there are a couple of new characters, and all of the old ones. Some bad descisions are made by all. There is a bit of tragedy and lots of drama. All in all, it makes for an addicting and fast paced read that was nearly impossible to put down. Another one that you have to read! Richelle Mead just has a way with words that catches the readers attention and refuses to let go!