The Iron Daughter - Julie Kagawa Julie Kagawa really is a wonderful author. She just brings the world of the fey to a whole new level for me. I don't know why I waited so long to read this second installment of the series, but I'm glad I picked it back up.In The Iron Daughter, we start off with Meghan being held by the Unseelie Court. She promised Ash she would go willingly, and she did. Nobody really knows what Mabs plans are with her, but when the Septer of Seasons is stolen from the Winter and one of thier Princes killed, Mab is furious. She decides it could only be Oberon who stole it and war follows. Meghan knows that it was really the Iron Fey who stole it. She just needs to convince Ash to help her get it back.Alright, so there is one reason that this book is only getting a 4 owl rating from me. The beginning. Meghan drove me completely mad. She was so stupid. Honestly. She whined and cried and even suffered from a broken heart because Ash was being so indifferent to her in the Unseelie Court. I have no idea what she was expecting, but apparently is must have been for him to claim his undying (forbidden) love for her in front of everyone. No, instead he did the right thing and acted like she was poop under his foot to keep her safe. Clearly, she doesn't understand this and was a complete whiner about it. Seriously, I was sitting there raging about how dumb she was to my friend at work. Clearly, I'm still a little upset about it. LUCKILY, she eventually realized that is was all an act and got back to being a pretty cool character again.Aside from teenage girl stupidity, this book was pretty awesome. My favorite characters from The Iron King were back in it (Grimalkin!! He's so freaking awesome!) and I found a new favorite in Ironhorse. Seriously, almost EVERY single line he said cracked me up. Why? Because I always get this awesome image of a giant metal horse head just screaming everything. Even more funny when they are all whispering and he just starts screaming some more. So yeah, pretty much loved him!As for Team Ash or Team Puck, I'm still firmly Team Ash!! Especially after the ending! I can't wait to start The Iron Queen after I finish up a couple of review books. So watch for that review next week!! If you're wondering if I would recommend this book or not, the answer is YES! Don't let some teen angst ruin the whole book for you, it really is only a little bit at the beginning (she was being such a drama Julie Kagawa MORE than made up for it with the rest of the book. So read it, you should probably even buy it because the covers for this series are freaking gorgeous and will look amazing on your shelf! They are definitely a purchase that I'm proud of!!