Where She Went - Gayle Forman Where She Went takes place three years after Mia's accident and answers the question everyone has been wondering, "what happened next?". Well I know I was wondering at least. Once again Gayle Forman wrote a wonderful and heartfelt story. This time though we aren't following Mia around, but Adam. Poor, poor Adam whose life has never been the same since that devastating day. Although not as much of a tear jerker, there were still some tears streaming down my face (maybe I'm just super emotional, eh?) and it was another that was difficult to put down. So in the three years, Adam's band has become super famous and you would think that he would be super happy. Nope, he is totally miserable. Why? When Mia went to Julliard, she just dropped him. She stopped calling and never went back to Oregon, not even to visit her grandparents. So Adam begins to fall into this depression and his life is pretty bad for awhile, until Shooting Star makes it big. But then, he can't handle the pressure of being famous and is constantly having anxiety attacks. He's not happy because something is missing. That thing is Mia. He never got to say goodbye, never got a reason why. She just left. So on his last night in New York, he goes to Carnegie Hall to listen to Mia play. She learns he's there and asks someone to bring him back to her dressing room. Can he face her after all these years? Will she tell him why? Will one night change everything for them both?I really enjoyed how this book followed around Adam this time. Considering he is the one who was left in terrible shape after everything happened, even three years later. Gayle Forman does well with writing from a male's PoV, sometimes it doesn't seem as good when female authors write a male PoV and vice versa, but she does it really well. Once again she has written beautifully and makes you really connect with the characters. I will definitely be looking out for more by her. Overall I really enjoyed Where She Went. Not as much as If I Stay, but still really enjoyed it. I'm so glad that I had both books so that I could pick up this one immediately after finishing the first because I really needed to find out what happened after Mia woke up. I definitely recommend this book to everyone, as it is an amazing story and so heartfelt. It's a great short read for a rainy day and will most likely be one I read again. Have you read this series? What did you think? Did you like the ending? (without giving any spoilers please :) ) I sure did!!