Hush, Hush - Becca Fitzpatrick I have heard a lot of raving about this book, maybe it was because of that, but I don't feel like it met my expectations. I had a very hard time getting into Hush, Hush. Mind you, I did eventually get into it, but not until I was in the last 150ish pages. So the majority of the book was me just hoping that it was going to get better. I'm not really sure what it was that I didn't like other than just me not connecting with the characters. I had really wanted to love the book, but I just didn't. However, I will be reading the next in the series because, as I said, I did eventually get into the story. So while I really enjoyed the ending, there was still a lot of the book that was just "meh" for me. But hopefully, I'll enjoy the rest of the series. I could just be angel books that I don't like, but I've only read two, so I can't really judge the whole genre on just two books.I'm not really sure what to say about this book because I liked it, I just didn't love it. I wasn't a huge fan of her friend Vee, since she was kind of stupid because she kept trying to push Nora and Elliot together when Nora really wasn't interested at all. But I just it felt like the book was mainly focused on relationships with guys and I'm just not the biggest fan of that. Nora was a good character herself, since she really wasn't just looking to have a boyfriend for the sake of it. As for Patch, he was a bit mysterious, and kind of the bad boy type. Which is always good.So overall, I liked it because the end somewhat made up for the lackluster beginning (for me). So I will be reading the next in the series hoping that I will like it like the second half of the book. It was a slow climb into the excitement and sometimes that's ok, but I think I was expecting to much. Would I recommend the book? Yes, probably. If you're someone who enjoys anything angels and like to read about relationships. Then it would probably be a great book for you. I'm just sorry I didn't enjoy the beginning half more because then I could say more about it.