Fracture - Megan Miranda So I had been meaning to read this for a long time, but as usual, kept putting it off. I'm glad that I did finally get around to reading it because it was a really good book. I really like Megan Miranda's writing style and pretty much had the book in my hand all day. It was a pretty quick read for me, and I was able to finish it in less than a day. It is a different type of read than what I've mostly been reading lately *cough* dystopians *cough* so it was a nice break from that. Fracture follows Delaney, a teenager who fell through the ice and was dead for 11 minutes. It's a miracle that she's alive, but now she seems to be able to sense when someone is going to die. It takes awhile before she realizes that what's going on, but once she does, she dreads the feeling more than she had previously. Then she meets Troy Varga, someone who can she can relate to because he has the same abilities. But Troy has some dark secrets which are pretty horrible. Delaney feels like she has no one to turn to for help. Her mom is shutting down and barely talks to her. Her best friend, Decker, is spending all his time with someone else and Troy is the only one willing to talk about it. Delaney is lost and troubled, what can she really do?Delaney is not your typical YA heroine. She's not really that tough or brave. Heck, she almost died. She's not popular or in great shape but is pretty. But not in the way most female protagonists are, which is absolutely gorgeous. She doesn't fall for the guy right away, although her judgement may not be the best at first. She's smart and a bit of a bookworm, although she gets headaches reading after her accident (that would be terrible!). Nope, Delaney is just an average teenage girl who senses death. Completely likable and easy for me to relate to, except for the death thing.There are two love interests in Fracture. There is Decker, the boy next door who has been her best friend since she was 5. They both love each other but neither seems to act on it. Then after her death, Decker seems to drift away, jerk! Then there is Troy, the mysterious boy whom nobody seems to know anything about. He's new in town and also senses death. He's a bit scary though and I thought Delaney was stupid for even considering him. He's pretty creepy. I was definitely hoping Decker would stop being stupid and realize that Delaney loved him.Overall, Fracture was a fresh read. Definitely a great debut novel for Megan Miranda. I will be looking out for more from her. It was easy to read and addicting. I definitely recommend it!