Spirit Bound (Vampire Academy, Book 5) - Richelle Mead Alright, I can't wait to see how this series ends. I can't believe there is only one more book! It's somewhat saddening! I absolutely loved Spirit Bound! (Of course) and can't believe some of the things that happened in it! There was just so much going on!So Rose had returned to school and finally graduates, with the best marks in her class. Then it's off to the Royal Court where the new graduates will learn who they will be guarding in the future. Not that we ever get to the point of knowing who Rose will be guarding because once again, she takes off. This time she takes Lissa and Eddie with her and they break into a prison, the one that Victor is being held in, to bust him out. Then they head to Los Vegas to meet Victor's brother, another spirit user, to find out if there really is a way to return a Strigoi's soul to them. Of course there is, but it will require Lissa to charm a silver stake and then staking the Strigoi herself. No way Rose is going to be letting that happen! Of course, true to his threats, Dimitri shows up in Vegas, during the day no less, and tries to kill Rose. They get away and head back to the Royal Court and safety, although Rose is put on probation for running off again. Lissa goes to check out her new university and she and Christian and the rest of their group are ambushed by Dimitri and his Strigoi. Dimitri keeps Lissa and Christian alive to use as bait for Rose. It works and the Royal Court is sending a rescue team. Rose knows she has to kill Dimitri now, there is no choice. She is either going to lose Lissa or Dimitri, and she would rather it be him. Rose is such a complex character sometimes, it can be overwhelming. I can only imagine how she feels about it sometimes. If something can go wrong for her, it generally does.It doesn't help that she's being hunted down by one of the deadliest Strigoi out there. Things have at least been slightly patched up with Lissa and they are back to being friends, even if Rose is no longer going to be her guardian. There is something that happens with Dimitri, that was totally expected, but I'm still rooting for Team Adrian, although, if Rose doesn't want him, I will be happy to fight Steph for him. There was so much that went on during this book. Always some kind of adventure of life changing event going on at court. Moroi history has been changed, new laws are being passed, and important people are being assassinated with others being accused of murder, when we know it wasn't them as the reader. Apparently there is never a dull moment in Rose's life and I'm completely anxious to find out how this story is going to wrap up. This is a series that keeps you hanging on and the cliffhanger in this one was just... ugh! I have to read Last Sacrifice. This series is just amazing and everyone has to read it. I keep asking people if they've read it and gotten someone else from work to start it.. I definitely recommend!!