The Iron Knight - Julie Kagawa Love, love, love, LOVE!!!!!!! Hey, did I say yet how much I freaking LOVED The Iron Knight. Excuse me while I gush some more.. I love Julie Kagawa and her amazing imagination. I love Ash! I love Grimalkin! I even love Puck, just not as much as Ash! *squeeee* Ok. I'll stop now.I seriously cannot believe that I waited so long to read this book after finishing The Iron Queen. I'm just going to blame my total inability to actually read synopsis' before the book. Seriously, had I known this was in Ash's point of view?! I probably would have read it long ago!So as I said, The Iron Knight is from Ash's point of view and I seriously love him as a protagonist! He made a vow to Meghan that he was going to find a way to be with her. Who better to ask for help finding a way than every one's favorite cat, Grimalkin, of course tracking him down isn't easy, even with Puck's "help". Ash has to give up his immortality and gain a soul to become mortal so that he can enter the Iron Kingdom. For that, he has to travel to the End of the World. With some unexpected allies (and one annoying friend) Ash heads out to make the ultimate sacrifice.I can't help but love Ash. I'm 200% Team Ash and this book only made me love him more. How can I not love him? He is going to make the ultimate sacrifice to be with Meghan! He's going to travel to the End of the World to give up his immortality for love! He'll age while Meghan is immortal. That is a huge sacrifice for a faery. I have so much respect for him as a character! Plus he is totally swoon worthy. He should just come be with me as he is!Once again, Julie Kagawa had me completely immersed in the world of Faery. Her imagination knows no bounds! I absolutely love her writing style. The saddest thing about this book? That it ended. I need more! I can't wait to get my hands on Iron's Prophecy and The Lost Prince. I'm so happy that these books are a part of my collection and that I've been able to share them with others. They are absolutely amazing and Julie is definitely in my top 10 authors! If you've yet to check her writing out, you have to! If Faeries are not your thing, then try The Immortal Rules, it's equally amazing! I strongly recommend The Iron Fey series though! You won't regret it! (I'm so going to get a grey cat to name Grimalkin).