The Skyhorse - H.L. Carpenter I might be a sucker for stories that involve animals. Horses being one of the big ones, I've always wanted a horse of my own so really enjoyed reading about the adorable Zephyr. Look at that little cutie on the cover! This was a pretty quick and easy read. It's a bit younger than what I generally read, I think I would peg it as a younger YA/MG, the 12-14 range. But it was still quite enjoyable. The Skyhorse follows poor "too-tall" Tovi. She's the new girl in town, the one who happens to be almost seven feet tall. All Tovi wants to be accepted, but it's hard to blend in when you tower over everyone. Tovi makes a butterfly wish for a friend and a giant sinkhole opens up underneath her. Next thing she knows, she's thrust into a strange and wild adventure to return a young winged colt to his home in another world.I found the story flows pretty quickly, I enjoyed the writing style and the pace. I'm not a huge fan of slow books, so this was a good one for me. I would most definitely recommend this to a middle grade audience. There are a few lessons to be learned (like not caving to peer pressure to be "cool"!) If you like light fantasy and are looking for a quick read, this might be worth checking out for you!