Eve & Adam - Michael  Grant, Katherine Applegate I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed Eve & Adam. It's actually been awhile since I've read a sci fi, so it was a welcome change. Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate have created a wonderful story that is nearly impossible to put down. It did start out a bit slow, but the ending was A-MAAAA-ZING!! First off, this book starts out with Evening (Eve, E.V.) getting hit by a car. Her leg is severed and she is rushed to the hospital. Her mom, who is the owner of the Spiker Biotech company, takes her from the hospital to her own private hospital inside the company and Eve is left there to recover, which is strangely faster than normal. Of course, Eve is terribly bored and wants something to do, so her mother lets her play around on a new simulation program they are developing to create the perfect boy. That was pretty much what sold me on this book. Getting the chance to create the perfect boy?! Sounds pretty awesome, even if it's just a simulation. Eve meets Solo, a mysterious boy who lives on the Spiker Biotech compound. He HATES Eve's mom and would like nothing better than to bring her down. He thinks there is some terrible research going on and he is determined to find out and bring it out into the open and get Eve's mom thrown into jail. But after meeting Eve, can he still do it? There's definitely something bad going on in the compound, but will they figure it out?This was actually a really short book. About 188 pages in the e-format. So I basically burned through it in a day since I couldn't put it down. It was a lot of fun to see Eve's version of the "perfect" guy. Maybe he's even too perfect. I loved seeing how Eve and Solo's relationship went. It was pretty slow actually. Eve is like the first girl his age that Solo has seen in the 6 years that he's been at the compound. I do have to say that the authors did a really great job at making me despise Eve's mom. She was clearly a huge B.... Until the end, she kind of redeemed herself a bit. I did like the majority of the characters though and found them all to be well written.Overall, Eve & Adam is a great quick read that is full of action and maybe a little bit of gore even. It is written by two amazing authors who know how to write a story that is completely addicting. If you like sci fi, or aren't sure about it yet and want to try some, I would definitely recommend this book. It's a wonderful read.