The Lost Prince - Julie Kagawa To say I was excited to be approved for The Lost Prince via NetGalley would be an understatement. I was squeeing and jumping in my seat, earning me strange looks from my toddler (don't judge me!). Needless to say, I wasn't at all disappointed in the least. I really don't think that Julie Kagawa can write anything that I won't like. I'm absolutely in love with her Fey series and the Blood of Eden series. The only problem, I have to wait for the new books to come out. I'm glad that I've already ordered a copy of this one, it will look great beside the rest of her books on my shelf. I don't think That I had ever even read a Faery book before these ones. It's going to be terrible, I'm going to be judging everything against these ones. Also, did you see that cover?? *drool*The Lost Prince has Ethan Chase (You know, Meghan's kid brother who the Fey stole in the first book) as the protagonist. Ethan hates everything Fey, for good reason. They stole him AND Meghan prefers their company over her family's. He resents Meghan for abandoning him, so the last thing he wants is to go asking for her help when his new "friend" Todd, a half phouka, who was kidnapped by a new type of fey he's never seen before. A type of fey that is draining the exiles and half bloods of their glamour. So Ethan once again finds himself in the Nevernever, this time dragging a friend, Kenzie, with him. We get to meet some of our favourite characters again, including a certain snarky cat and trickster. So Ethan has to step up to save a world he despises, but will he do it. The story is fairly fast paced and will keep you wanting more.I just adore Julie Kagawa's writing. I mean, how did it take me so long to pick up one of her books? They are amazing and she's going to be one of those authors for me that I'll read anything by her, I just know it. Her writing just pulls me in and keeps me there until I finish the book. This book is no different. Once I started it, I had to finish it. Unfortunately, things like sleeping, eating and work got in my way (although I love my job as a mommy!). If you're going to read this one, make sure you have the time to sit and read it, or else you're going to be thinking about it none stop. If you haven't checked out Julie Kagawa's writing yet, what are you waiting for?