Defiance - C.J. Redwine I wasn't sure what to expect going into Defiance. I certainly wasn't expecting what I got, which was a kick ass ginger with a few anger issues (I think she had a good reason for it) and a cute techie guy who can hold his own when he has to. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, although there were a few things that were somewhat predictable (I knew she'd have to be in the Claiming for example, as soon as I heard about it and that she was just a bit young for it.) there were still many things I wasn't expecting that happened.Defiance is told from two different points of view. The first one is of Rachel, who I couldn't help but feel bad for. She loses her father, even though she's sure he's still alive and wants nothing more than to go looking for him in the Wasteland. Then the Commander (many bad names for him) takes everything else from her. He basically turns her into a monster who can't trust anyone. She is full of so much anger that she doesn't feel that she deserves love from anyone any more. She does though. Considering everything she's put through, she is still strong and wants to survive for as long as she can. Although she does get a bit carried away with her need for revenge, like I said, she's an angry person. She also stubborn and red-headed *yay!*The second point of view is Logan. He's an orphan and an inventor. He turned Rachel down when she told him she loved him at 15. He is then made to be her protector and suddenly finds himself falling for her, but he already screwed up his chances for that, right? All he wants is to escape Baalboden. The Commander murdered his mother for breaking the law (leaving her home without a man to go to market and get some food for her starving son, because the Commander refused to let another man claim her after her husband died). He'll take any opportunity to get justice for his mother. He becomes Rachel's fathers apprentice and also believes that he's not dead and wants to go searching for him, but now he's been assigned Rachel's Protector and can't just leave as easily as he could before.Both characters have their own issues they are trying to work through, both are extremely uncomfortable around each other ever since Rachel was 15 and Logan turned her down. But, they do have their mutual hatred for the Commander to unite them. The Commander is a terrible guy. He is the law, only because he can keep The Cursed One away and no one else can. He is basically on a huge power trip and manipulates people to get what he wants and then disposes of them. Life means nothing to him and he wants something from Rachel and will do anything to get her to do what he wants. He might bite off more than he can chew with her though.Overall this is a really good fantasy read. It can almost be categorized as a dystopia as well, making me like it even more. C.J. Redwine does a really great job creating a world that you can get lost into and characters who you'll root for. The world development is pretty good, I had a clear image in my head while reading. The good thing, there's going to be more! If you're a fantasy reader or really like dystopia-like books, you should definitely check this one out!