Scorch - Gina Damico Another awesome book by Gina Damico. I have to say that I'm still very surprised at how much I enjoyed these because at first, from the synopsis I was a little wary, BUT I'd heard so many great things about them. So when I was sent this one by the publisher, I knew I had to at least try it. I don't regret it at all! Actually, I regret not reading them sooner because they are so awesome! I once again had the hardest time putting this one down! You guys should really read them if you haven't.So Scorch basically picks up where Croak leaves off (which was a very sad ending!) and we are dropped back into Lex's life as a teenage grim reaper. She and all of the other junior grims, for that matter, are being shunned by the senior grim community (well, most of them). The seniors want to ban them and blame them for helping Zara, even saying that they still are helping her. Basically there is a huge uprising and the juniors are forced to flee Croak, with the exception of Sophie, and head to DeMyse, another grim city that is a lot like Vegas. All the while, they are still trying to figure out a way to stop Zara and get a hold of the The Wrong Book before her.I loved Lex and the juniors even more in this book, they are pretty amusing characters. There are a lot of laughs in these books, which is weird since they are about people who Kill and Cull for a living. But, it's really good because I love a book that makes me laugh out loud, as this one did, multiple times! At the same time, the ending once again was super sad! I was in tears for parts of it. Books that pull at my emotions are always good for me because I have a horrible tendency to hold things in. This way I get a bit of an emotional release (sometimes I even seek out books that are supposed to be sad just for that reason).So once again, this is just as well written, funny, emotional, page turning and awesome as Croak. I will definitely not be waiting as long to read the next book, Rogue. Especially after the ending of this one where there were a lot of things that happened that left me with my mouth gaping. These were thoroughly enjoyed by me and you should really read them!*A copy was provided by the publisher for review*