Middle Ground - Katie Kacvinsky Well it isn't often that I like a second book more than the first in a series, but in this case. Wow. This one just kept me reading even more than the first, and I did like the first, I just liked this one more! Katie Kacvinsky ones again tells a tale that is creepy just from the fact that it could be true. Society could become dependant so much on technology in 50 years that nobody really leaves home any more and it's scary to think of. It's definitely a series that makes you think! Plus it's sci-fi/dystopia, it's a great genre!One of the things I liked about this book other than how realistic it could be is Maddie. She is unbelievably brave in this book. She is literally tortured mentally and still manages to hold onto herself and not be brainwashed, with the help of her friends of course. She can even escape the detention center, but stays to help others. She struggles with it for sure and nearly breaks more than once. I felt afraid for her more than once! She's just a really strong character who fights for what she believes in. Also, she has great taste in men (even if I wanted to smack him for being stupid sometimes!)Overall, this is a fairly fast paced story. I had a very hard time putting this one down and am pretty anxious to know what's going to happen next. Kacvinsky really does a great job keeping the reader entertained and making a world that you can easily imagine and place yourself into to connect with the characters. Definitely one I will be recommending!*A copy was provided by the publisher for review*