Scarlet - Marissa Meyer Wow, just wow. Honestly I don't even know where to start with this review. I guess I will just pick my jaw up from the ground to begin with. So Scarlet, the second instalment of The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer, I might have liked it even more than Cinder. Crazy I know, since I loved Cinder. But I'm not really sure what happened when I started reading this one. I just couldn't stop. I dragged this book around until it was done. First of all, just look at that cover! I love how it's so similar to Cinder's cover and not at the same time. All you get to see is Little Red's cape and hair. In case you are wondering, no Scarlet doesn't run around in a cape being all super hero-y. She has a red hoodie, much more tactful for fitting in in the future.So, there are multiple points of view in this one, which made me a very happy person because I quite enjoy the multiple PoV's. Especially, as in Scarlet there is a lot going on and you really need everyone's PoV. It starts off with Scarlet, so we get to meet our new favourite, ass kicking, ginger, farmer girl. All Scarlet wants is to find her grandmother, who has disappeared. She is sure that she was kidnapped but everyone else, including the police, think her grandmother is crazy and ran away. Scarlet is thinking about trying to find her gran herself when Wolf shows up. He is new to town and asks Scarlet for a job on her farm, she doesn't trust him and turns him away (good girl! You can't trust a Wolf!). Unfortunately, she finds out that she needs his help and falls for him hard (Bad girl!). There is huge betrayal, I don't know if it can be forgiven, but that's all I'm going to say on that matter. I really like Scarlet, even with her judgement lapses. I hope there is a bit more with her in the next books!Cinder is fleeing, with the help of a fellow inmate, she manages to get a hold of a ship and evade capture, for the time being. They realize that they need to find someone from Cinder's past (although she doesn't let "Captain" Thorne in on this). There isn't really a whole lot of character building with Cinder this time since she is mostly trying to not be sent back to prison so her evil aunt won't get a hold of her and try to kill her, again. But she is still awesome! Also, IKO IS BACK!!! I'm not going to tell you how, but Iko is so not impressed right away.The third point of view is Prince Kai! There's not really a lot from his PoV, since most of it is him trying to track down Cinder so Queen Levana doesn't start a war over all of this. We all know she's just using it as an excuse though. Kai make a very bad decision in this book :( Kai, you make us all sad!Wolf. I love him, I hate him, I love him, I hate him, I love him. Seriously. He really needs to stop being so nice and then an ass. You can't trust him at all. You want to like him, but he's the big bad wolf, so clearly he's bad, right? Bad and yummy. *sigh*Yes, I liked Scarlet possibly more than Cinder. I can't get over how Marissa Meyer just writes in a way that I can't physically put a book down. It's crazy. She has an amazing way with words. There was so much going on but it isn't at all confusing. I cannot wait for Cress to come out. Really, I can't. It's going to be a LONG year. In case you haven't figured out if I recommend this or not yet, yes, yes, YES! You have to read this series, it is an amazing retelling! All science fiction-y and such. I loved it! See, there's five owls down there!*A review copy was provided by the publisher.*