Warm Bodies - Isaac Marion I will admit, and I'm sure you know, that my whole reason fro reading this was because I was planning on seeing the movie in theaters (and I did!) and I really don't like to watch a movie when I know it's based off of a book if I haven't already read the book. Well, I have to say I'm so glad that they made this into a movie, I might have missed it otherwise! It's too funny! I never thought I would say that about a zombie book before!So why is this funny? Well because it's from a zombie's point of view! R in fact. All he can remember is that he thinks his name started with an R, so that's what he goes by. Not that he has many people to talk to, not really. Zombies don't really talk, they most grunt at each other and a few can get some words out, like R and M, his best friend. Since we're in R's head, we do actually get plenty of coherrant thought's from him, it seems to just be speaking that he has the most difficulty with. R doesn't like being a zombie, not really and he really doesn't like that he has to kill to survive. Because he doesn't just want to die, which can happen, so instead he is forced to kill and eat humans. Brains seem to be like a drug to zombies, it gives them the memories of their victims temporarily when they eat them and since they can't dream and have no memories of their own, it's something they enjoy.So when R and some other zombies go on a hunt and find some humans, something weird happens and he brings home Julia, disguised as a new zombie. For some reason he couldn't kill her and didn't want anyone else to either. Can zombies really love? Something strange begins to happen to him and he can't figure it out.Warm Bodies is very enjoyable. There were so many parts that had me laughing at R's antics. There is a bit of "zombie sex" in it, so not really good for younger teens. Although the image that was put in my head had me laughing hysterically (I have a bad sense of humour, but apparently Isaac Marion shares that with me). I enjoyed the writing style and the story is relatively short and quick to read. I read it in less than a day. I will say that the ending in the books is different from the movie in some ways, if you have seen it. Also, the boney's aren't as scary in the book as the movie. I've also just discovered that there is going to be a sequel, so I'll be looking out for that. Isaac Marion has a great writing style which I really enjoyed, so I have to check out more by him. I definitely recommend this one!