Breaking Point - Kristen Simmons I'm just going to start out by saying that I actually liked Breaking Point more than Article 5. I think I have finally come to terms with why Ember's mother was killed (not just because Ember was born, that was just their reason for bringing her in). However, there was ONE thing I didn't like about this one, which I will get to later. First of all, I just want to say a big thank you to Kristen for creating such an amazing and captivating series that I can vividly see in my mind as I'm reading. I mean, I was reading this after having very little sleep and normally reading will make me fall asleep. Not in this book. Once I was pulled into the story, which was at the beginning, I was hard-pressed to stop until it was done (even if I did have to because of other responsibilities. ie: kids and work).So what was it that I hated in this one? Well, it wasn't the fact that it basically starts off where Article 5 ended (about a month later but not much has happened in that time). Ember and Chase are living with the resistance in Knoxville, Ember is afraid to go outside and the other resistance members resent her for it. The sniper is still at large and is in Knoxville. Then suddenly, the FBR finds out that Ember isn't dead and they decide that she has something to do with the sniper attacks and add her to their most wanted lists. Ember is denying it and finally goes out on a mission so that people will see her and it will maybe boost their morale. After that, the action starts and it's all fast paced from there. Just when you are starting to think things are going to be okay for Ember, Tucker shows up, she and Chase are kicked out and shit hits the fan. So I definitely didn't hate the story line and it's action packed awesomeness.Was it the romance aspect? Nope, I actually quite enjoyed watching Ember and Chase begin to repair their relationship after the bomb he threw into it, again, at the end of Article 5. I mean, he should have told her the truth, even if it was hard, but he didn't and now they have this wedge in between them since he was one of the last people to see her mother alive. He struggles with it as much as she does. He had no parents and Ember's mother made him feel like a welcome member of the family. They are slowly getting past this and their relationship is mending. Ember is keeping a secret from Chase about Tucker, but that goes better than his secret from before. Things are mending, even if they are always running for their lives and are always surrounded by other people. I think the romance is well done!Also, in regards to Ember, she has changed so much! She was a naive little girl in Article 5, but in Breaking Point she has become so courageous and strong. She believes that things need to change and wants to give everyone hope. Even though she can be shot on sight, she still braves it and goes outside. She keeps her promises and is just an awesome protagonist all over!I suppose now you're wondering what I didn't like. Well, the one thing I hate about Breaking Point is that I'm finished and now have to wait for the next book. It seems so cruel to have to wait. *goes and pouts in the corner* I love this series, it's amazing and the next book needs to come out now! Honestly, if you haven't read this series yet, you're missing out, it really is a dystopian that stands out amongst the surge of dystopians that have been coming out lately. You should read it. Nay, you need to read it! Go get it now and read it!