My Ex From Hell - Tellulah Darling Alright, October needs to be here today. I need the next book. Tellulah, how could you leave us with an ending like that? I need to know what happens next!Once again, Tellulah Darling writes an awesome and hilarious story. I absolutely loved Sophie/Persephone and her completely mouthy attitude. She wasn't at all afraid to say what she wanted. Honestly, why should she be? She's a goddess! But, she was like that before she found out who she really was. She was funny and pretty okay with finding out, even if she's still missing a lot of her memories and hasn't figured out the extent of her powers again.So Sophie is a pretty good character, I love a snarky one. Then there is Kai, whom she can't stand but was her lover when she was Persephone. So she's definitely attracted to him, but he's a total player and drives her insane. They had a plan to end the war (which is hilarious when he tells her), but who knows if it will still happen since she is stuck in a human body and hates him half the time. He doesn't help matters by hitting on anyone with a pretty face.Sophie has two awesome friends, Hannah and Theo. Both who keep her in line, most of the time. She has an enemy, Bethany, who she is plotting against when the book begins. All of the characters are awesome. Tellulah has a great way with character building.Sophie has to step up and save humanity, even those she'd rather just kill. *I'm talking about you Bethany* BUT she is supposed to protect humans, so that will have to wait.Overall, My Ex From Hell is an excellent read. It's hilarious, has action, drama, kissing and gods. Who doesn't like a book with mythological roots that is well written? I know I do. I really can't wait for the next book in the series and will be anticipating it's release. Tellulah Darling is one author that you must check out if you haven't already, she is not on my must read list! So if you're looking for something fun to read, check this one out!*A copy was provided by the author for review**Review was originally posted on*