Furious - Jill Wolfson Like many others, I'm in love with mythology and anything that has to do with it. I try to read as many books with mythological roots as possible. So when I was glancing through the upcoming releases for spring and spotted this one, I knew it would have to be read. I'm glad I read it because it's a pretty great read.Meg is the protagonist. She has a pretty bad life. She a foster kid who's been in the system her whole life. Her mom just abandoned her as a baby. The foster care she is in currently is terrible, the lady treats her like dirt. The cat is treated much better than her. I felt so bad for her and found it really easy to connect with her because for years I was that quiet foster kid, I had next to no friends and just tried to blend in. My mom however didn't give me up, she was just having a rough time so we were shipped away while she got help. So in that way I can't connect. Having a daughter myself now though, I can't even imagine not wanting her. So I feel bad that Meg's mom didn't want her. So she harbours a lot of anger toward her mom for that. She hates her foster parent and the mean kids at school.Fast-forward a bit and Meg meets Ambrosia, a beautiful girl in her class who takes a strange interest in her and the other two outcasts, Alix and Stephanie. Suddenly they become the Furies, with amazing powers to bring justice to those who deserve it. But with power there is responsibility and teen-aged girls might not be the best choice for this kind of responsibility. Hormonal and irrational when it comes to certain things, the girls quickly become power hungry as they're nudged to do more by Ambrosia. Can they keep control of their burning desire for revenge and justice. Sometimes and eye for an eye isn't the best route.I haven't read too much on the Furies, so I learned quite a bit of their story from Furious. All of the information, the important highlights anyways, are in there. So you don't really need to know a whole lot about them to be able to follow along easily. You probably don't even need to know anything.I really enjoyed Jill Wolfson's writing style. It was fairly fast paced and informative at the same time. I was never really bored. There were moments when my jaw almost hit the ground (halloween party) and others where I just wanted to yell at the girls not to trust Ambrosia. So I got completely caught up in the story you could say. Definitely one you should check out, especially if you like mythology!*A copy was provided by the publisher for review*This review was originally posted on Owl Read It