The Originals - Cat Patrick So after reading Revived by Cat Patrick and loving it, I knew I had to read more of her writing. So when I was The Originals pop up to request for review, I had to request it. There was no way I could pass it up. Especially after reading the synopsis. I hadn't read anything similar to what this plot was promising me before, and it sounded so interesting. Well, I wasn't at all disappointed. Right away, when I started reading it, I knew that things weren't going to be able to last the way they were going. Three girls living one life? Not going to go well, especially since they are all teenagers. They are just about ready for college, so what is going to happen then? Do they continue how they are going? Living one life or what?The Originals is told from Lizzie's PoV. She is happy to begin with, until their mom changes around their schedule and she meets a boy that she really likes. So they beg their mom to let them start dating and she agrees, but they must all date one boy and it's not the one Lizzie wants. So her life becomes miserable, she wants to be with Sean, but has to pretend she is dating this person she hates but her sister likes. This is just where the trouble starts, when Lizzie begins to realise that her life isn't as good as she had thought, that their mom isn't telling them everything. She wants to find out what's going on and wants to be happy. She wants to be one person.All I can say is that Cat Patrick did a great job pulling this story off. There were so many ways that it could have gone but she picked a way that I wasn't at all expecting. I think that's one of the things that I really enjoyed about this books, I couldn't predict it. I was the same with Revived and I really like that about her writing. I still need to read Forgotten, it's going to have to go higher on my TBR. I could barely put this book down! It's definitely unique and .. original!