Cherished - Belinda Boring I stumbled across these novellas last night and decided to give them a read to take a break from Ulysses. Wow! I started reading and it was so hard to put them down! Without Mercy isn't very long, but in that short amount of time you are hooked! You jump right into the action, and it never slows down. Belinda Boring brings so much into these short stories, and leaves you waiting for more. There is one more Mystic Wolves novella out right now called Blood Oath, which I will also review once I've read it. A fourth story is to be released in January. I hope we see a lot more from Belinda in the future, she is an amazing writer and I think we can expect more great stories from her. If you are looking for a nice short story to relax a bit, maybe just for a change of pace from all of the long novels out there, and if you love a good werewolf story, definitely give these novellas a try!