Moonstone - Marilee Brothers I'm quite happy to be reviewing this series. When I saw on NetGalley that it was being compared to the Sookie Stackhouse series (minus the vampires, weres and other supes) I knew I had to read it. It didn't disappoint me. Yes, it started off a bit slow, but most series do, so I can live with that. The story itself was great, I started reading it yesterday and could barely put it down.I feel really bad for Allie, not only is she trying to get through high school, which can be pretty tough, she now has this prophecy that she has to fulfil, and it is not a fun one. Allie lives with her mom in a small trailer, they're on welfare and her mom is trying to get disability checks. So her life kind of sucks. But she makes the best of it and doesn't let it get her down, too badly. She is a great character and I felt as though I had a connection with her while reading. She isn't afraid to stand up to bullies, has a bit of a "smart" mouth and tends to put the welfare of others before herself. Definitely like able and realistic.While the beginning was slow, once the action started, it didn't really slow that much. I found myself scared for Allie at some points in the story, then at others I would be so proud of her. I laughed quite a bit while reading, and then was sad at other points. Brothers really did a good job creating this world and her characters. I'm looking forward to getting started on the next book, Moon Rise. I can only expect it to get better.If you're a fan of Urban Fantasy, you should definitely check this book out.