Will Sparrow's Road - Karen Cushman So this was an okay read, normally I'm pretty happy with any middle grade books that I read but this one is one that's most likely not going to stick with me. I'm not really sure. The writing was good, the story was good but something was missing for me to give it that push that would make me remember it forever. The story seemed a bit predictable maybe? I can't really put my finger on it.Like I said though, I did enjoy the story. Will was an amusing kid who managed to survive alone on the road for quite a while in a time where everyone would either chase him away of try to catch him and sell him. Even his own father sold him.So while this was well written and the story was interesting enough for me to read it, it was still missing something to make it stand out. It wasn't as unique as it could be. I'm sure it would be enjoyed much more by a younger audience, like it's intended for. It is still a good read that I liked though.