The Help - Kathryn Stockett I read this book for a book group, I'm glad I did since this isn't the type of book I would normally pick up and read.The Help, overall, is a good read. It's sad, funny, and teaches a bit about racial discrimination. Would I recommend this book? Yes. While not exactly my type of book, I do feel that it is a must read. It's enjoyable to read, I did find it a bit hard to get into at first, as it starts a little slow but it does quickly pick up. Once I got going I couldn't put the book down, I just had to know what would happen once the book was published. The three different story lines, are a bit frustrating at the beginning, you would start to get into one characters mind set, only for it to change and you would have to get into someone else's. The three narrators are honest, each having it's own humour, and I came to love each one, especially Minny. So go out, get yourself a copy, read it, and enjoy. Just remember, don't eat Minny's special chocolate pie!