Amity & Sorrow - Peggy Riley I haven’t read many books about any cults or anything like that really. But after reading the description for Amity & Sorrow the 4th or 5th time I got an email from NetGalley (they were having issues that day), I decided that it sounded interesting and grabbed it while I was approved. I’m kind of glad I did. While some of the events were quite horrifying to read about, it really was interesting and kept my attention quite well. I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a nosy person and really like to see how other people live sometimes. So it was interesting to have a look into this cult, since that’s what it was. I’m not sure if I was ever supposed to feel empathy for Sorrow or not, but I just couldn’t. The girl was freaking evil! Her poor sister was always having to put up with things from her, it was horrible. Like she cuts her and leaves her bleeding out in a bathroom, what kind of sister does that? I dunno, even after finding out some gross and sad things about her, I still couldn’t like her at all. In the end I’m glad she’s where she is and that her sister and mother are free of her. I felt bad for their mother too. She had nowhere else to go and got pulled into this crazy situation, I’m glad she ran when she did, even if it was too late for Sorrow.Overall it’s a very interesting story that keeps you wondering what happens next and how everything is going to turn out. I don’t regret reading it at all and actually really enjoyed it. It’s very different from what I usually read.