Dead Ever After - Charlaine Harris So I know a lot of people were extremely unhappy with the ending of this series. It’s always a tough thing to make everyone happy, but apparently most people were just plain pissed. I wasn’t exactly happy with the ending, but it was okay. It’s what I expected after the last book. I started reading this series because of True Blood. I love the show and I still watch it. I especially love that it’s so different from the books because it keeps things a bit of a surprise.So other than the way things ended, I really enjoyed this final book. I’m a fan of Charlaine Harris’ writing and will be checking out some of her other works. I don’t agree with people giving her death threats and threatening to kill themselves because of the ending. It’s just a book, just because it doesn’t end how you wanted it to, doesn’t mean you have to do anything crazy, seriously.So basically in this book, Sookie is arrested for murder, which is kind of amusing really, since she didn’t actually kill this person. Unlike all of the people she has actually murdered. She and Eric are having a rough time with their relationship, the whole marriage thing going on for him. He has no time for Sookie really this book and is pretty much a jerk to her. He tells her not to listen to anything he says in public, but yeah, still a bit of a jerk.In the meantime, Sookie has a bunch of stuff going on in her life, like normal. She just wants to work and live her life, but things are never simple for her. Also, there is a sex scene in this book that absolutely awkward for me to even read. Normally I love the steamy parts but this one was just creepy to me. Regardless, I wasn’t as disappointed in the end as others because I had a feeling who she would end up with in the end. It was still a fun series and I’m sad it’s over because now I don’t have anything to look forward to in May each year.