Great Expectations - Simon Vance, Charles Dickens So I’ve read a few classics in my time and ALL of them, no matter how interesting I find them, cause me to start to doze off only a few pages in. So naturally, they take me a long time to read. So for a change, I decided that I was going to try listening to a classic and see how that went. Well it was much more successful! Not only was I able to get simple tasks done, like cleaning, I also managed to pay attention to the story and found that I really enjoyed it. I think a lot of it might have had to do with the narrator, Frank Muller. For some reason he was able to put the life into the story that I seem to never be able to do whilst reading classics. I think that just because they are classics, they are automatically categorized as boring in my mind. But this one was much different. I laughed at parts and just thoroughly enjoyed the story.I thought Pip was a wonderful character, who had a bit of bad luck, a but of good luck, and then some bad luck again. Pip grows a lot as a character and it’s kind of sad to see what happens in the end, but it’s not a terrible ending, there is a bit of happiness for him in it (although Dickens did write a different ending originally, that didn’t end on such a positive note). The story is a bit long (aren’t most classics) but was still good and entertaining. I can see why this has been categorized as a classic. It’s a very good coming of age story (it is!) and shows that you can never take things for granted and that you should be happy with who/what you are because just because someone else’s life/lifestyle looks better, doesn’t mean it is. That also doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to better yourself, Pip does try, even before becoming a gentleman, but for the most part it just makes him miserable.The next book I’m planning on listening to is A Tale of Two Cities, which is also narrated by Frank Muller. I have to say, I’m actually looking forward to it! So if you’re like me and have trouble with classics, maybe try giving one a listen, you might enjoy it more!