The Elite - Kiera Cass So I read and loved The Selection, so I naturally had to The Elite. I loved it and got so caught up in it that I neglected to reapply sunscreen and got burnt. So that was the only thing that really sucked about it for me. For some reason I just love these books and can’t wait for the The One to see who America picks, even though there is only one choice in my opinion.Which means, sorry Aspen fans, Maxon ALL the way! How can you help but love him? I got super irritated at Aspen in this one, especially after what happens with Marley. He continues trying to win America, which basically could get her killed if he gets caught. So yeah, I was mad at him for putting her in danger. Of course he isn’t the only one to blame, it takes two! I just wish he never showed up to confuse and distract America.America is a bit different in The Elite than she was in The Selection. She is more indecisive and it gets a bit annoying. She’s not as confident as she was. Regardless, she’s still kind and a good person. So I liked her still.Maxon was awesome. He got a bit of a backbone and sounds like he’s getting tired of America’s crap. He basically tells her to take it serious or she’ll be going home now. Although she did start to take it more seriously for a bit. I like that he is more confident and not as much of a pushover anymore.So yes, I loved this book and read it in a few hours, amazing for me having a daughter to chase around. I know it’s not a book for everyone, but it’s a really unique twist on a dystopia in a time where they are extremely popular, so it’s good for it to stick out of the crowd! I know I’ve said it once already but The One can’t come out soon enough!