Insurgent (Divergent Series #2)

Insurgent (Divergent Series #2) - What? It's over?! Now I have to wait a whole year?!! Once again, Veronica Roth writes a book that is impossible to put down. I think I might like this series more than The Hunger Games. It is just so addicting and enjoyable. I can't believe how fast I can read these books. I also love the covers that they chose for this series, although I might like the UK ones a teensy bit more. Insurgent pretty much starts off exactly where Divergent left off. Which is really awesome because then you don't have that first part of the book dedicated to catching the reader up to where the characters are now. So I really liked that about this book. Tris' losses are fresh in her mind and you get to feel like you haven't missed anything. Insurgent is focused around what happened after the simulation was turned off and all the Dauntless found themselves as murderers. What steps are taken against the Erudite to punish them. Sides are taken and surprisingly, not all of the Dauntless are sickened over being mind controlled to kill innocent people. The Erudite are still trying to control everyone, but nobody knows why. There has to be a reason and Tris is determined to figure it out. I feel like Tris really grew as a character in Insurgent. She faces a lot more than initiation this time, people actually want to kill her this time, other than Peter. I think she is an extremely brave character and is very selfless. She is always willing to put herself last it seems, although she does get a bit reckless for awhile after her parents died. She eventually realizes that life is worth living and she should do her best to enjoy it. She makes some surprising allies in this book, as well as enemies. And I still can't believe the people who betray her! As for the romance in Insurgent, things are fairly stressful between Tris and Four. They seem to have a lot of trust issues and it really strains their relationship. Sometimes I'm just not sure it will survive it. Tris doesn't really understand why Four likes her because he doesn't seem to trust her or her judgement. Regardless, they are stronger together. Four isn't very impressed by her recklessness either and it causes trouble between them because he feels like she is just trying to find a way to off herself. Overall, Insurgent was an amazing read. I don't know how Veronica Roth does it, but I wish I knew. This is definitely a must read, and if you haven't even started the series yet, you have to. It's just an amazing story and is written wonderfully. Also, the ending of this one? I need more now please! I absolutely recommend it!