The Diviners

The Diviners - Libba Bray This was my first Libba Bray book and I have to just say, it was great! There were a lot of characters in the book, but once I figured out who was who, it easy to follow along. This book is based in the 1920's and was actually my first historical fiction taking place in this era. I really enjoyed it. I felt like my mind was in the 1920's the whole time that I was reading. Libba Bray does and excellent job setting the background and tone of the book. While I really liked this book, I wasn't attached to it to the point that I was unable to put it down, it actually took me a week of picking it up multiple times to finish it (although I did have a very busy week, so that could be it too!). It was fairly easy to pick up on where I was left off and get back into the mindset of the era.As I said, there are multiple characters in The Diviners. My favorites would have to be Evie (of course), Theta, Sam and Jericho. Evie was a character that I liked right away. I loved her snark and attitude and she just made me laugh from the beginning. Then she grows as a character and really starts becoming more responsible and thinks more of others. Theta is impossible not to love, especially after you find out her story. I felt so bad for her, but through it all she is a strong, independent female character. Sam is the good "bad" boy of the book, how can I not love him? Jericho is a complicated character and it took awhile for me to like him. He's another character who has been through a lot and knows that he could lose everything at any time. He's a great guy and clearly loves Evie! There are also many other characters, but it's really not that confusing once you meet them all!Overall, The Diviners is a great story that just pulls you into the era. It's a bit disturbing in some parts (the murders are a little gross) but Libba Bray brings the 1920's to life for you. There is just the right amount of mystery and the romance isn't right in your face (it's barely there even). There is a paranormal aspect, but it's not overdone like it sometimes can be. It was a refreshing read for me that left me wanting more. Although it's a little slow to start out, it's necessary to know the characters individual stories. It's a great read that I will definitely be recommending to others! If you like historical fiction with a touch of paranormal and mystery, this one is for you!